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Faherty and Associates sells books to national, regional and local accounts. But that is not all we do. We add value to every step of the process.

Starting even before publishers' sales meetings we consult on every aspect of prospective titles. At sales conference our reps bring years of sales and marketing expertise to the table on behalf of our client publishers.

But we aren't a company living in the past! Faherty and Associates prides itself on innovation. Faherty and Associates views technology as a useful tool, and applies it in all the right places - not only in the corporate office but in the field where it can do the most good.

  • Our sales software (developed by QIS http://www.qistech.com) allows Field Reps to take and submit orders electronically in the field using laptops and always connected PDA's. Faherty Reps literally take their office with them and are always in touch with the latest information.
  • Our synchronized databases allow for price, title, publication date, in stock status and many other criteria to be up to date for every rep.

After the sales call, when the order has been shipped, occasionally a problem will occur. Using our system electronic copies of orders can be instantly pulled and issues resolved on the spot by our staff, or routed to the correct person.

Properly using technology allows for the tracking of sales figures and locations for individual books. This will answer simple questions such as, "How many copies of the book have you sold" to much more complicated questions such as which stores had bought several titles and what are their addresses and contact information. It also allows for the more intriguing question "What stores haven't ordered a title?"

Sales meetings are no different! Faherty & Associates leverage the latest technology to host and participate in virtual conferences and web based sales meetings, as well as attending in-person sales meetings in New York City to enable client publishers to present their new title lists directly to the sales representatives. In addition, the sales representatives attend local trade shows and the BEA as a convenience for vendors who attend the shows.

For more information please feel free to contact us via email or phone. See our Find Your Rep page for numbers and email addresses.


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